fuck everything

there are only two ways your thoughts can go about this blog. one; you think i'm a whiny loser bitch who needs to get a life or two; you agree with everything i say or relate to it. frankly, i couldn't give a flying fuck. this is for me.


Jealous Friend Bitch Over Here

I’m just gonna hop right on this whole ranting shit. It feels weird just putting every single one of my thoughts out here but really no one knows me so I couldn’t care less. So here’s my first rant. Yayyyy.

It’s senior year. Supposed to be exciting and fun and have tons of friends. Not me. Lame-o over has no classes with her best friend and instead of her best friend moping like her she has new friends and lots of them. She has all these exciting funny stories of how Molly said this and Carl did that. Blah blah blah. I hate hearing them. We used to be the awk teens in class who never said anything but got crazy whenever we were around each other. Now shes being crazy all over the place. People think she’s funny and pretty and hot and cute and hilarious and its like shut the fuck up. Don’t compliment that bitch. I’m jealous. There. Not gonna deny it. I’ve got a green monster the size of Jupiter on my back. I want all the attention she’s getting. I want to be like her but not like her. Cause she pisses me off. I don’t want to get pissed off by her but I can’t help it. Anytime she says something weird and crazy anymore now I just want to punch her. 

It also doesn’t help the fact that shes always like “I’m the nicest person ever! Love me! Like me!” when really she craves attention like I do but just reaches out for it more rather than me hiding it so I don’t end up like this bitch. She says shes nice and she is, she won’t ever say or do anything bad to you unless you deserve it. But when it comes to boys, ohhhh this slut can’t say fucking no to anyone. First, she and my other friend liked the same guy but she never said anything other than me so my other friend became fuck buddies with the dude. Then she goes and showers with this guy. I encouraged it just because I’m manipulative but I was against it after. So my friends got into a fight then blah blah. Then they make up and can you believe after a month and I said no five million times, this bitch goes and actually fucks this guy. Then in the same night, makes out with the guy I was cuddling with. Allllll because she can’t say fucking no. No, she can say no, I’ve seen it. She just likes all the attention. Now, she’s becoming friends with another one of my friends but my friend clearly told her not to do anything with him and now the slut likes him and wants to do stuff with him. I just can’t believe that she’s gonna fucking try this again. Can’t she find her own guy for once? Or just be an actual good friend? She needs to find someone else none of our friends has put a claim on. Like for gods sakes.

Not to mention, that I have a little girl crush on one of my coworkers even though theres like a 6 year age difference, I know nothings gonna happen but I like it when he talks and jokes around with me. And then my friend always comes in to talk to me and I find out that half the guys I work with think she’s hot. Hell if she’s ever visiting my work ever again. I like the special attention I get there. Last time I was working she was waiting for me to get off and the guy I have the girl crush on starts talking to her and teasing and laughing. Whatever. Then when I told her it annoyed me she said that I talk to the guy she has a girl crush on at her work. Ummm, I’ve only said one thing to him ever. And it wasn’t technically directed at him.

It sounds stupid and whiny but whatever. People like attention so don’t put yourself on a pedestal and say you’re better than me. You probably have the same if not an equally bad problem.